Monday, 1 April 2019

Today I was doing a dogo news article

1) Why do pranksters love April 1?
Because it's april fools
2) What are the two theories about the origin of April Fools' Day?
The day was a good way to enter spring Some believe the fun holiday began in 1582 when the world transitioned from the Julian calendar, which celebrated the New Year on the last week of March, to the current Gregorian calendar. Those unaware of the change, or refusing to accept the January 1 start date, were often mocked and had jokes played on them on or around the old New Year.
3) What was the BBC the first to do in 1957?
To make a prank over the tv
4) Why did Swiss farmers purportedly have a bumper spaghetti crop in 1957?
as prank
5) What did the BBC tell viewers who wanted to grow a spaghetti tree?
"stick a dry piece of the pasta in a can of tomato sauce and keep their fingers crossed."
6) What clever prank did Virgin Australia devise in 2018?
Putting a gym in a plane
7) What were interested passengers promised?
complimentary work-out gear and a delicious after-class snack.
8) Who did Lexus partner with for their April 1, 2018 prank?
9) Why did customers have to provide 23andMe with their saliva?
To find out their genetics
10) What kind of customization could new Lexus customers expect?
Edits just for you
11) Why did customers not need a key to start the car?

Because the car has dna recognition

i was doing my reading work about pi day which is only celebrated in america

1) What is Pi Day?
Pi day is when they celebrate the pi math concept
2) Why does the author believe even those not interested in math will enjoy the holiday?
They like it cause they get pie
3) Who started Pi Day?
Larry shaw
4) How was the first Pi Day celebrated?
On March 14th 1988
5) How did US lawmakers help make Pi Day a national event?
They made it official that the day was pi day
6) What is "The Dress?"
The dress is a outfit that meteorologists wear on pi day
7) Why do female meteorologists wear it every March 14?
To seek more females careers as stem
8) Why does Princeton, New Jersey hold Einstein look alike contests on Pi Day?
To celebrate the place he died
9) Why do students hoping to go to MIT look forward to Pi Day?
So they can complete it to go to elite university
10) What is Tau?
Another concept in math
11) What are some retailers doing to celebrate Pi Day?
They have limited time offers and stuff
12) Who was the first to use pi?
The babylonians
13) What number did the ancient Egyptians derive for pi?
14) Who was the first to calculate pi mathematically?
Archimedes of syracuse
15) Why is the author impressed by all the ancient pi calculations?

The amount of number and calculations without computers are surprising

Tuesday, 12 March 2019


Growth mindset is when you don't think
Bad about yourself and you believe in yourself, even
when you do a mistake you learn from it and your
brain gets bigger. If you keep trying you'll think
better than
before.So if you think your bad at something, you're
not bad, you just can't do it yet. So think about it.

Thursday, 14 February 2019

all about me

All about me

My name is Rhys,I was born on 24th March 2009 in New Zealand.
I have 2 brothers,a mum,a cat and 2 bunnies.
I enjoy playing video games sometimes like
Fortnite and my favorite food and drink is french fries from McDonalds and Ribena.

Thursday, 25 October 2018

cultural festival

yesterday the school cultural festival was done and their was like 1000 people or something like that,
our classroom ( room 20 ) and room 19 did african traditional gumboot dance, say we did well but I was actually looking at the ground for most of the dance. i really enjoyed it because all my family was there so could feel confident.

scavenger hunt

yesterday after lunch in the afternoon we did a maori scavenger hunt, so we had to translate the sentences to english IN OUR HEADS to find the clues then once we know what it is we go find it with the clue. we got prizes at the end but only three groups got prizes, but was still fun.

Thursday, 7 June 2018